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Quilts of Honor - the Travis Project, was created out of a desire to honor not only the memory of SSG Travis Hunsberger, but to show honor and respect to the men and women he served with. I made a quilt for Steve & Ronda, Travis' parents, and presented the idea of making more quilts for the soldiers at Fort Bragg. There are numerous wonderful organizations who provide quilts to wounded and hospitalized soldiers, but I felt led to do something different. We decided our first project would be to provide a quilt to each of the men in Travis' unit at the time of his death. Our goal was to accomplish this by Christmas. I am happy to report that we have exceeded our goal, and on December 10 2008, two men from our church, Wakarusa Missionary, headed off to North Carolina to deliver 19 quilts!! In May of 2009, we were able to deliver another 33 quilts!! Since then, we have delivered approximately 40 more quilts to families of the fallen and also to Wounded Warriors. Your help is still needed in lots of ways if we are to keep this project ongoing. First and foremost, pray for these brave men and women who serve each day to keep us free and protect us from those who would seek to do our nation harm. If you are a sewist or quilter, I can use you, if you would like to donate fabric or funds, I can use you. If you'd like to leave an encouraging word, or perhaps you knew Travis and would like to share a memory, I can use that too!

For more information on how you can help, contact me through this blog, by phone @ 574-849-7930, or by email, mamabech@msn.com.

To mail donations, send them to:

Quilts of Honor, c/o Dawn Bechtel, P.O. Box 613, Wakarusa, IN 46573. (Checks should be made out to Quilts of Honor.)

Thanks for stopping by, God bless you, and God Bless America!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Help is needed. . .

Time seems to fly by so quickly these days. . . Here we are, already into April and there is SO much to be done! We are in need of many things to keep this project going. First, time. . . such a valuable commodity! I have been given 12 pieced quilt tops. A couple need a border added to make them a bit larger, and they all need to be quilted, then binding put on. I simply cannot do it by myself, I wish I could. Second, I need the batting and backing to go along with these tops. (Either donated or the funds needed to purchase.) Third, someone willing to do simple machine quilting at little or no charge. Fourth, quilts fully completed. Fifth, help in adding the binding to finished quilts. And sixth, monetary donations to cover the expenses not donated. It costs approximately $80-$150 per quilt to finish, depending on the size. I have received some fabric donations which is greatly appreciated! Right now, we have 20 quilts (once the 12 are complete), and I'd like to have 30. Please consider how you might be able to help us keep supporting the families who have have lost a soldier in the continued war on terror.

Following is a quote from one of the first to receive a quilt from the Travis Project. This young man served alongside Travis in Afghanistan and was with him when he was killed...
"I'd like to thank all of those who support us here in the military. The quilt that I was given has been part of my life in the past few months. I've traveled across the United States with it, it helped me make my travel from North Carolina to California very warm. What it stands for will always be in my heart, I once again thank you all who have been close to us and aided us to feel safe at home once again."